My art represents a spectrum of emotions: from pain, struggle, heart break and depression, to perseverance, inspiration and motivation.  

I was born in Puerto Rico in 1985. Shortly after, my mother left my father due to his drug addiction and we moved to Connecticut.  I fell in love with art at a very young age. Art supplies filled the void that was left from not being able to afford the latest toys and video games.  I love the freedom that art gives you and the bright colors that pop.

As a teen, I dropped out of high school. The pressure of getting bullied and the ups and downs of my home life was too difficult to deal with. I began using drugs to cope with these stressors and got lost in street life.  This led to multiple arrests and, at age 20, I did my first real time in prison. I put art to the side and started channeling my creativity through Hip hop music, but eventually found a way back to my artistic roots. I began drawing pieces for other inmates in exchange for food. I turned 21 in jail and it woke me up. After spending a year there and obtaining my G.E.D., I came out with a plan.